Westmead first to offer new 3D surgery


A Sydney hospital is the first in Australia and New Zealand to install a new 3D platform that makes complex operations easier for surgeons and reduces patients' pain and recovery time.

Westmead Private Hospital has invested in the Olympus Visera Elite II, which allows laparascopic surgery via small incisions rather than traditional open techniques.

The hospital says it is particularly helpful for complex bariatric, lung and liver resection surgeries.

“The increased depth of vision is amazing and makes my surgery more precise,” said Dr Brendon Ryan, a bariatric surgeon at Westmead.

“It allows me to undertake my more complex operations with greater surety. I am so excited about this enhanced technology and am constantly impressed by the extra vision I can get,” he added.

The Olympus Visera Elite II has a rigid 3D video laparoscope that supports seamless direction-of-view rotation to mimic the traditional camera head/telescope configuration without rotating the image on screen – previously a major issue with such technology.

It ensures a level surgical horizon is maintained at all times, thus removing a step in the learning process for surgeons who adopt 3D imaging techniques.

Westmead CEO Mike Flatley said the hospital is committed to providing surgical options that achieve the best outcomes for patients.

“It is wonderful to be able to offer such cutting-edge technology, which will help us deliver enhanced, faster and more effective care, further enabling us to become the first choice for patient care in our community,” he said.

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