• Robot system makes women’s surgery safer

    Frances Perry House’s investment in a new robotic system is giving Victorian women greater access to the benefits of minimally-invasive surgeries.

    The Melbourne hospital is the first in the state to introduce the Versius technology by CMR Surgical, which allows specialists to perform gynaecological and urogynaecological procedures with advanced precision.

    Dr Alex Ades, a gynaecologist at the private maternity and women’s health facility, said using the equipment meant less time in hospital for patients and a reduced risk of infection. 

    While patients can still opt to have surgery done laparoscopically – performed manually by hand – he said the computer-controlled robot system was designed to offer them “less pain, quicker recovery and a prompter return to work”.

    Shaune Gillespie, CEO of the Ramsay Health Care-operated facility, said Frances Perry House’s dedicated women’s healthcare services had also been boosted by the addition of a fourth operating theatre.

    “We are passionate about providing high-quality care and better outcomes for our patients,” Mr Gillespie said.

    “The introduction of Versius combined with the development of our fourth theatre represents an exciting time for the Frances Perry team.

    “I thank Ramsay Health Care for investing in advanced robotic technologies, and our facilities, to allow the team at Frances Perry House to offer patients treatment options that suit their needs.”  

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