Sydney hospital investing in better patient outcomes


A device combining precise imaging, patient positioning and navigation to give patients undergoing complex surgical procedures better outcomes is now being used at a Sydney hospital.

The Airo mobile intraoperative CT system was recently commissioned at Prince of Wales Private Hospital.

The Airo produces high resolution CT images, giving surgeons a much clearer view of the area requiring surgery compared to traditional CT technology.

The enhanced images allow doctors to perform more minimally invasive procedures, meaning patients experience less discomfort and shorter recovery times.

Leading neurosurgeon Dr Ralph Mobbs, who performed the first Airo-assisted procedure at the Healthscope hospital, said the technology would redefine the way complex procedures are performed.

“The ability of the Airo to provide in-theatre CT services changes how we conduct surgeries,” Dr Mobbs said.

“We now have a mobile tool that provides us with a heightened level of precision and information in the midst of surgery.”

The surgery was performed on a patient who presented with a large spinal tumour.

The technology allowed for a more straightforward reconstruction of the spinal column after the tumour had been removed, Dr Mobbs explained.

“The power of high definition intraoperative imaging…is unsurpassed compared with previous technologies,” he said.

“The Airo makes a huge difference with both complex and minimally invasive spinal surgery.”

Prince of Wales Private Hospital General Manager Di Jones said the technology would help the hospital to continue delivering the best outcomes for its patients.

“Our focus is on providing our patients with the best quality healthcare outcomes,” Ms Jones said.

“Our investment in the Airo will enable our doctors to undertake surgery that is more efficient and more minimally invasive.”


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