• IVF service aims to reduce ‘unknowns’

    Fertility treatment can be a daunting process, but a new partnership is bringing the pregnancy journey closer to home for residents of the Nepean region of New South Wales.

    Somerset Private Hospital has teamed up with Monash IVF to offer a service that aims to optimise outcomes for patients hoping to start a family.

    The Penrith facility’s role is to collect eggs from the women required for the in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) process.

    “Patients are referred via Monash IVF and they are booked into an operating theatre with us for the procedure,” Somerset Private Hospital CEO/Director of Nursing Marc Monsell said.

    “The patient receives a light anaesthetic and the fertility specialist performs the procedure with our nursing assistance.”

    Somerset Private Hospital CEO/Director of Nursing Marc Monsell

    The service all takes place in one building, as the hospital is co-located with Monash IVF, offering local treatment for people in the Greater Western Sydney and Blue Mountains areas.

    “This is great for patients receiving treatment as they do not need to travel between sites,” Mr Monsell said.

    “The team at Somerset Private work closely with the fertility specialists to ensure patients have ease of access and their treatment is optimised.”

    Mr Monsell said early patient feedback for the service, which started in late 2022, had been positive.

    “Fertility treatment can be a very exciting time but also a daunting process. Patients come into the process with many unknowns and it's important to have a supportive, caring team around them,” he said.

    “We ensure patients are scheduled at times that are best for their fertility treatment to optimise outcomes.” 

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