Skin cancer ‘game changer’ on Gold Coast


One of the most advanced and precise skin cancer treatments is now available to Gold Coast patients, exclusively through Pindara Private Hospital.

Mohs surgery has been described as a ‘game changer’, as the complete removal of cancerous cells allows for the highest cure rate. 

The procedure also preserves as much healthy tissue as possible.

“Previously locals would have travelled to Brisbane or interstate for this treatment, so we are thrilled to offer this procedure in conjunction with Dr Andrew Freeman,” Pindara Private Hospital CEO Mark Page said.

“We enjoy such a wonderful outdoors lifestyle here on the Gold Coast, and for locals who need treatment for skin cancer it’s reassuring for them to know they can access a range of treatment options right here.”

Queensland’s skin cancer rate is among the highest in the world, in a country where the condition accounts for around 80 percent of newly-diagnosed cancers each year. 

The procedure – named after the surgeon who developed it, American physician Frederic E Mohs – combines dermatology and pathology.

A specialist dermatologist removes the skin cancer in stages, using a microscope to examine the tissue for cancer cells. Layers of skin are removed and examined until there are no more cancer cells present.   

“When we’re treating areas such as the lips, eyelids, fingers and ears, we need to take extra care to preserve the healthy tissue and minimise scarring, whilst still removing all the cancer,” said Dr Freeman, a dermatologist at Pindara’s Skin Centre.

“The roots of the skin cancer may extend beyond the visible portion of the tumour, so if the roots are not removed the cancer could recur.” 

The Mohs procedure is performed under local anaesthetic or sedation. Results are available that day, so patients do not have an anxious wait to discover if their cancer is gone.

Dr Freeman said it was an excellent treatment for skin cancer on delicate parts of the body.

“The reconstruction is as important as the removal of the cancer, especially on the face. The Mohs technique allows a precise removal of the cancer, which is important because every millimetre of tissue you lose on the face makes a difference,” he added.

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