• Parents to benefit from new ‘Swaddle’ deal

    Expectant parents can save thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs thanks to an innovative new collaboration between Sydney Adventist Hospital and Australia's largest not-for-profit private health insurer.

    New South Wales' biggest not-for-profit private hospital, known as the San, and its medical specialists have teamed up with HCF to provide the country’s first end-to-end no-gap obstetrics package.

    The Wahroonga, Sydney facility will exclusively provide the package – called the 'Swaddle San Baby Bundle' – in its catchment area in NSW, but HCF hopes to expand it nationally with other private hospitals.

    San CEO Brett Goods said HCF members with appropriate pregnancy and birth cover will save $5,000 on average, with no extra costs for ultrasounds, pathology or hospital services, or for their obstetrician, anaesthetist or paediatrician.

    The San, which has offered obstetrics services since 1903, delivers around 1,700 babies each year.

    “We believe this Australian-first initiative will make it even more compelling for families to choose the San as the best place to welcome their newborn baby into the world. We are delighted so many of our specialists support it,” Mr Goods said.

    Australian Private Hospitals Association CEO Michael Roff hailed it as “an innovative program with a clear focus on patient-centred care”.

    “This package gives younger people a good reason to stick with their insurance while having their family, and gives them peace of mind that they can access great care for that purpose, with no out-of-pocket costs.

    “In the San example, the hospital continues its relationship with the medical professionals involved in the care. This will mean patient care led by the clinician, not the insurer, and builds on established relationships that already exist between hospitals and doctors,” Mr Roff said.

    HCF’s Chief Officer for Member Health, Julie Andrews, said the partnership showed how the industry can work together to improve the affordability and sustainability of private healthcare.

    “We know that our 1.6 million members are looking to us to do everything we can to tackle the rising costs of healthcare.

    “We take these concerns seriously and we’re willing to rewrite the rule book on how we work with our providers to improve affordability and jointly bolster the value proposition of private health insurance,” Ms Andrews said.

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