OLYMPUS Launches 4K Ultra High Definition Big Screen Surgery Platform


Australian surgeons can now access four times the detail of current high definition imaging systems with a new surgical imaging platform released by Olympus Australia.

The 4K Ultra High Definition Big Screen Surgery platform delivers images in true 4K resolution, using a 4K medical sensor with Olympus precision Ultra optics, giving surgeons increased clarity and confidence in all situations.

Olympus Australia and New Zealand Surgical Division Marketing Manager Scott Veltman says surgeons are increasingly having to undertake complex, minimally invasive surgery where the need for the highest precision and detail in a hospital’s imaging equipment is ever present.

“We believe the latest addition to the Olympus imaging platforms, the Olympus 4K Ultra High Definition, brings hospitals the highest quality 2D imaging available.  In combination with our separate Olympus 3D platform, we are now able to offer a variety of the highest quality imaging options to suit individual theatre requirements of each hospital. Ultimately this allows the surgeon to match their imaging equipment to the procedure or list to be performed,” he said.

The Olympus 4K platform is the first of many products from the Sony Olympus Medical Solutions joint venture transforming healthcare by enhancing minimally-invasive surgery across a range of surgical specialties.

The first clinical cases in Australia and New Zealand using the Olympus 4K platform took place during the first quarter of 2016. Anecdotes from surgeons suggested levels of detail and identification of anatomical structures from the new system that were simply not apparent or possible in previous generations of equipment.

“As a result of these features and feedback from surgeons, we are convinced that the 4K technology will become a new benchmark in surgical imaging platforms,” explained Mr Veltman.

To learn more about the system: www.olympus4K.com.au

This article is provided by APHA Major Sponsor Olympus.


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