• Robot solution for South Coast region

    Facing a complex knee operation, Di Higginbotham was delighted to learn she would not have to travel far from home for the treatment.

    The Nowra local was suffering from osteoarthritis, bone spurs, cysts and bad knees, and needed a bilateral total knee replacement.

    Instead of having to visit a major centre for the procedure, Ms Higginbotham was the first patient to have surgery assisted by Nowra Private Hospital’s new VELYS robot technology.

    The first of its type to be used in New South Wales’ South Coast region, the Robotic-Assisted Solution system offers surgeons better vision and access during knee replacement operations. 

    “The hospital was brilliant, the physios were brilliant, the whole thing went very smoothly as far as I’m concerned,” said Ms Higginbotham, whose procedure was performed by orthopaedic surgeon Dr David Cossetto.

    “I think it’s brilliant, not having to travel to Canberra or Wollongong for this surgery,” she added. “It’s excellent for local patients to have this option available to them.”

    The 62-bed facility, operated by Ramsay Health Care, has been servicing the Shoalhaven region and the state’s southern coast since being commissioned in 1980.

    “The investment in our new VELYS surgical robot shows Ramsay Health Care is committed to the people of the South Coast region and offering leading technological solutions designed to offer the best in patient care,” Nowra Private Hospital CEO Brendan Tai-Roche said. 

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