• Australia’s private hospital jobs site

    Australia has an online jobs board dedicated to the private hospital sector.

    The Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA) has developed Private Hospital Jobs to meet the needs of hospitals looking for staff who are particularly interested in working in the private sector.

    APHA CEO Michael Roff said the advertising platform was created following member feedback.

    “We asked our members what services they really needed that we could provide as an industry body and the jobs board came out of that. We are member-focused and outside of the government relations role we have, we also offer opportunities like the jobs board that can benefit the entire sector.

    “APHA also recognises that a number of people want to work in the private hospital sector, so having a dedicated site for them will help them easily identify jobs available,” he said.

    Mr Roff said workforce availability was a significant issue for private hospitals across the country.

    “The private hospital sector workforce needs to grow. Internal surveys from Australia’s private hospitals show about 8,000 nurses are needed to fill positions around the country and in the short term we need to increase skilled migration to address this shortfall. 

    “We will continue to work with the Federal Government to find solutions to fill workforce gaps, but one thing we can do in the meantime is promote the great jobs available here in Australia in the private hospital sector,” he said. 

    The Private Hospital Jobs website also connects existing jobs boards from larger APHA members, making it a “one-stop-shop” for anyone looking for work in private hospitals.

    “Our aim is to have the full range of private hospital roles  in one place so anyone looking for work in a private hospital can come to our site and access all the latest jobs across the sector," Mr Roff said.

    “While nurses make up the bulk of the private hospital workforce, hospitals are small communities and employ a huge range of people. We employ chefs, IT professionals, housekeeping staff, engineers, physios and administrators, so if you’re looking for a great new job, make sure you check out the private hospital sector, there might be a perfect role for you there.”

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