• New high-definition imaging at Queensland hospital

    St Andrew’s Toowoomba Hospital has become the first Australian hospital to install new Olympus technology providing high quality laparoscopic surgery images.

    The Olympus 4K Surgical System delivers four times the detail of high-definition imaging systems, providing surgeons with the image quality needed to operate more precisely and safely.

    St Andrew’s Toowoomba ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeon, Dr David Morrissey was one of the first to use the new 4K equipment.

    “The Olympus 4K system has provided vastly improved patient safety for people undergoing sinus and nasal surgery as it allows surgeons like myself, better visualisation.

    “This enables more complete, safer and efficient surgery for those with nasal and sinus problems and greatly enhances their care,” said Dr Morrissey.

    The Olympus 4K Surgical System works with laparoscopic or keyhole surgery, a surgical technique used to examine or operate through small incisions in the body. A thin, lit tube with a camera on the end is then used to examine the internal organs or structures.

    Laparoscopic surgery benefits to patients including fewer side effects and risks and shorter recovery times than traditional surgery. The 4K system can be used in any laparoscopic surgery.

    St Andrew’s Toowoomba Gynaecologist, Dr Brendan Miller said the 4K system’s enhanced resolution will enable smaller surgical incisions without compromising the surgeon’s vision.

    “Subtle endometriosis can be detected and resected leading to improved outcomes for infertility surgery and finer visual detail helps in using smaller sutures for laparoscopic suturing,” said Dr Miller.

    St Andrew’s Toowoomba CEO, Ray Fairweather said this new technology positions the hospital at the forefront of medical advancement.

    “The introduction of new surgical equipment that improves safety and accuracy is of high priority to St Andrew’s Hospital.

    “We have made significant investment in our surgical technology and facilities over recent years to ensure that patients in the region receive the very latest surgical treatment available,” said Mr Fairweather.


    Olympus also provides emphysema suffers and their families information about symptoms and causes on its Breathe Again website. http://www.breatheagain.com.au/

    The site also features instructional videos on the endobronchial valve procedure using the Spiration Valve System with voice over commentary from Professor Alvin Ing.