New CT scanner on the Gold Coast


A new CT scanner on the Gold Coast can perform an angiogram of the heart in just one pulse, making it one of the fastest and most effective scanners in the area.

The Gold Coast Private Hospital’s imaging provider, Queensland X-Ray (QXR) have a new CT scanner that performs four dimensional (4D) studies of the body.

QXR radiologist, Dr Umesh Patel explains the difference between a 4D scanner and its predecessor the 3D scanner.

“The first three dimensions are the three anatomical planes; axial, coronal and sagittal. The fourth factor in 4D CT refers to time and refers to scanning the area over three different time periods,” said Dr Patel.

This allows the scan to assess the blood supply in real time and it also takes images at extremely high speed, meaning patients spend less time in the scanner.

Dr Patel said the benefits of such an advanced scanner were far reaching.

“The advantages of this technology are many, from speed of scanning to maintain accuracy and providing quality results.

“Having a scanner that gives us the largest scanning volume available as opposed to earlier generation scanner, means we can scan a traumatised or unwell patient very quickly without compromising image quality.

“The faster we can get the patient scanned with the lowest possible dose and use of contrast, the sooner we can provide the answers to their illnesses and start the correct treatment,” Dr Patel said.


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