New app simplifies mental health treatment


People with mental health problems can now track their mood and identify triggers via a new smart phone application called Moods Tracker.

Developed by a team of clinicians at Toronto Private Hospital, the app allows patients to record and review their wellbeing on a daily basis.

The app requires users to log their mood, anxiety and sleep patterns, therefore allowing them to reflect upon and use the information to identify trends in their behavioural patterns.

The data is stored privately, however the user has the option of sharing the information with their doctor.

Dr Kasia Pelichowski, who works at Toronto Private Hospital’s Woodlands Mental Health Unit, is a member of the team that developed the app.

Dr Pelichowski said while charting moods throughout the day and reflecting on possible causes of the moods made it possible to identify triggers or trends caused by hormones, medication, sleep and stress, many patients found the task “onerous” and wouldn’t track their mood for longer than a day or two.

She said the app was created to rectify that issue.

“For many years, we as mental health doctors have been requesting that our patients track their moods,” Dr Pelichowski said.

“When smart phone apps became popular a few years ago we began developing this application to provide our patients, and others who feel they would benefit from tracking their mood, with a simple app.

“We believe that the simplicity of the app will ensure that patients continue to track their moods, providing us with data to analyse to identify triggers.”

Toronto Private Hospital chief executive Andrew Mereau said the application was something his staff could be proud of.

“It has been a long journey from concept to completion,” Mr Mereau said.

“We have trialled the app with many of our patients and mental health professionals, made adjustments and finally arrived with a product we are truly proud of.”


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