• More IVF and elective surgery for Epworth Freemasons

    Epworth Freemasons is getting ready to help bring more babies into the world.

    The Melbourne hospital recently announced it has signed an agreement with No.1 Fertility that will increase the number of IVF and elective surgery procedures it can provide.

    Under the agreement, Epworth has opened two day-surgery theatres at No.1 Fertility’s building in East Melbourne.

    The theatres, including 16 patient recovery beds, will be used by No.1 Fertility for IVF procedures.

    Acting Executive General Manager, Jo Goodridge, said the hospital was delighted to partner with No.1 Fertility.

    “The new day-surgery theatres are staffed and operated by Epworth Freemasons,” she said.

    “This is a win for both Epworth patients and No.1 Fertility patients.

    “With more IVF procedures being done, we look forward to more babies being born at Epworth Freemasons.”

    And as a bonus, the extra capacity of the new theatres means more elective surgery can be carried out at the hospital, which is part of the Epworth HealthCare group.

    “The new theatres will free up theatre time at the other sites across Epworth Freemasons,” Ms Goodridge said.

    “So, we will be able to care for significantly more patients who need gynaecology, urology, general or orthopaedic surgery.”

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