Making maternity even more memorable


Bringing life into the world is an experience parents will never forget – and Glengarry Private Hospital is making it even more memorable with a new high-end cuisine service.

Maternity patients at the Perth hospital can now celebrate the arrival of their new baby with gourmet delights prepared by top-class chefs.

“The first few days after birth are so important for mums to adjust to their new role and bond with their babies,” Maternity Unit Nurse Manager Clare Davies said.

“We try to make the transition as easy and pleasant as possible. We want our patients to have fond memories of their time in our maternity ward.”

Enjoyed in the comfort of the patient’s private room, the exclusive afternoon tea serves two to four family members.

The high tea features sweet treats such as fruit macaroons, patisserie profiteroles, carrot cake and scones with jam and cream. 

The savoury selection includes four-cheese arancini, cold meat crostini, pulled-pork donuts and Florentine tart with parmesan.

There is also a special treat for mothers who have avoided eating soft cheeses during pregnancy: a complimentary cheese platter.

“The high tea and cheese platter provide opportunities for families to unwind, connect and communicate,” Mrs Davies said.

CEO Leonie Gardiner added that the hospital was always looking for little extras to stand out and make the maternity experience even more special.

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