Luxury maternity care in Far North


Cairns Private Hospital is adding a touch of glamour and comfort to patients’ pregnancy journey with a new range of luxury maternity services.

New and expectant mothers can opt for a high-end hotel stay, along with deluxe menus and snacks in hospital, with support for up to 12 months post-birth.

“Becoming a parent is unforgettable and our Enhanced Maternity Care program will provide new parents with those extra luxuries that will make it even more memorable,” Cairns Private Hospital CEO Ben Tooth said.

“We are so excited to launch this fantastic new option for families in Far North Queensland, because we know it will bring them so much choice and support at such an incredible moment in their lives.”

After being discharged from the hospital, new mums and their partners can book a two-night hotel stay at the nearby Riley Crystalbrook, where they will receive midwife visits and expert care from the comfort of their rooms.

“Even once they head home, our new Lactation Clinic will be available to women should they need assistance with breastfeeding, and they can visit our postnatal drop-in centres for up to 12 months after birth,” Mr Tooth added.  

“It’s Cairns Private Hospital’s way of making sure our new mothers feel empowered, supported and informed when they need it most.”

Another new service for 2021 is the hospital’s Early Parenting Centre, where a multi-disciplinary team of experts will provide 24-hour, one-on-one support and care.

Parents with infants aged from six weeks to two years can visit the centre for a four-night residential stay. 

Daily group education sessions will cover topics such as breastfeeding, infant sleep, maternal exhaustion and bonding with your infant. 

“Parents coming to stay with us will have the benefit of learning from our registered nurses, lactation consultants, midwives, psychologists, paediatricians and allied health professionals, so they really will have access to the latest advice to help them on their parenting journey,” Mr Tooth said. 

The Early Parenting Centre fee will in most cases be met by private health insurance, but there is also a self-funded rate for residents without cover. 

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