• Leading Australian addiction hospital expands due to growing demand for services

    One in 200 Australians seek treatment for addiction, and 20 percent experience mental health issues each year, leading addiction and mental health treatment centre South Pacific Private to expand its facilities.

    South Pacific Private has expanded its capacity to 53 beds and also added new lecture halls, nurse’s stations, group rooms, dining rooms and outdoor areas to cope with the increasing demand for its services.

    Lorraine Wood, Co-Founder and Executive Director of South Pacific Private, opened the hospital in 1993 with her late husband, and in its 22 years has helped more than 7,000 people on the road to recovery.

    “This expansion will help heal more families and save more lives,” said Ms Wood.

    “The growing issue of substance abuse, as well as mental health issues for Australians have placed pressure on health services nationwide.”

    Alcohol abuse is still the leading condition in addiction treatment with around 40 per cent of addiction patients nationally seeking treatment for alcoholism. However, methamphetamines addiction is on the rise growing recently from 7 per cent of patients to 17 per cent, according to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare figures.

    “As well as substance abuse, health services face growing concerns with more people looking for treatment for mental health issues. We’ve noticed an increased number of patients at South Pacific Private seeking help for conditions such as depression and anxiety.

    “Our new staff, expanded facility and tailored approach to recovery aims to combat the growing addiction and mental health issues of Australians. Our day and evening programs and inpatient group therapy sessions all create a foundation of recovery for the people who come through the hospital.

    “In addition to our facility, we’ve also extended our services to include further family education and support group options, tailored family program choices, and a planned launch of a children’s and parenting program,” said Ms Wood.

    South Pacific Private will launch its expanded and refurbished facility with a series of events from 22 September 2016, including presentations from Christopher Kennedy Lawford, New York bestselling author, addiction activist, actor and nephew of President John F Kennedy.