Knee replacement surgery just got easier at Westmead Private Hospital


Knee replacements are one of the most commonly performed surgeries in Australia and at Westmead Private Hospital, they just got a whole lot easier thanks to ROSA.

ROSA is robotic total knee replacement system from Zimmer Biomet, and it joins the hospital’s fleet of robotic systems including the da Vinci and the Mazor.

Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Edward Graham, said generally, joint replacement surgery was a “very successful” operation and ROSA offered a combination of cutting edge technologies.

“That includes computer navigation, soft tissue balancing, 3D modelling and robotics in one package,” he said.

“As orthopaedic surgeons, we are always trying to improve patient outcomes and the survivorship of implants.

“Robotic technologies have been developed with the aim of improving surgical precision, component alignment and soft tissue balance with the expectation that this will improve patient outcomes.”

Dr Graham said while the early results of robotic assisted surgery were encouraging, it would take many years to see if the potential benefits of improved alignment and balance were realised.

 “But I am very excited that we now have access to this technology here at Westmead Private and look forward to realising its potential,” he said.

With Australians requiring knee replacements at an all time high – 57,000 in 2018 alone across Australia – Westmead Private Hospital CEO, Mike Flately, said it was “extremely exciting to be able to make this technology available to our patients”.

“Combining market leading implants with ROSA accuracy, holds exciting promise for patient outcomes,” he said.

“Having ROSA on our staff at Westmead Private is certainly a welcome addition to our surgical team and Westmead Private Hospital is proud to be a leader in robotic surgery, having undertaken more than 1,350 robotic cases since 2013.

“Running a multi-speciality robotic program, we are at the forefront of robotic surgery in Australia.

“Our world class surgeons continue to push the limits of this game changing technology to perfect even more innovative and complex surgical procedures – redefining minimally invasive surgery.

“We are committed to providing the best in health care, offering surgical options that achieve the most optimal outcomes for our patients.”


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