Icon expansion boosts cancer trials access


Two of Australia’s leading cancer research companies have joined forces to give patients better access to advanced trials and treatments.

Icon Group, the country’s biggest private cancer care provider, has acquired Ashford Cancer Centre Research (ACCR) to further its expansion into South Australia.

Icon said it would increase its clinical trial delivery from 150 to more than 250, with the capacity to support increased patient participation in studies across haematology and medical and radiation oncologies.

“Individually, ACCR and Icon represent the two largest private providers of research in Australia,” said Dr John Bashford, the group’s director of research.

“By coming together we are increasing our existing research capacity by 50 percent, ensuring we have greater capability to investigate the most innovative treatments in the world and bring these clinical trials into South Australia, while supporting our reach into Western Australia and Victoria.”

He said they would provide complementary resources – Icon delivers Queensland’s largest Phase I oncology trial program, mainly focused on the growing area of immunotherapy, while nearly half of ACCR’s open trials are Phase II and III.

Icon Group Director of Research Dr John Bashford

“We look forward to continuing to deliver a wide breadth of innovative clinical trials across Phase I while further expanding our Phase II and III clinical trials to improve cancer care in Australia and beyond,” Dr Bashford added. 

ACCR's co-founder and clinical research director, Associate Professor Dusan Kotasek, said the partnership was the culmination of many years working with Icon, having been involved in over 585 clinical trials and helping 2,900 patients from South Australia and across the country to access cancer research.

“For the many Australians who are diagnosed with cancer each year, research plays an important role when traditional treatment methods aren’t effective or suitable,” he said.

“We are proud to now provide a greater level of support in the development of new and novel therapies for people with cancer in Australia and across the world as part of Icon Group.”

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