Hospital in the home – 20 years with Epworth HealthCare


As Epworth HealthCare celebrates its centenary in February, the Hospital in the Home Unit (HIHU) is also marking its 20 years of operation.

The unit is designed to substitute acute home care for patients who would otherwise need treatment in a traditional hospital bed.

The unit gives patients the option to complete their hospital treatment at home, it is the longest serving HIHU and one of only very few private units in Australia.

Patients who use the service generally require ongoing acute care of serious conditions including infections, inflammatory disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, complications of cancer treatment and chemotherapy, blood and iron transfusions, and other illnesses.

Patients gain the benefit of being around their family with the option of being able to return home to familiar surroundings as soon as possible after a trip to hospital.

Epworth Richmond HIHU Senior Consultant Associate Professor Michael Montalto said the service offers more options for patients.

“Patients get the unique combination of having the hospital skill set and medical needs and services combined with a more comfortable stay at home,” A/Prof Montalto said.

“They gain the benefit of being around their family and in a comfortable surroundings."

As a part of the service, patients in HIHU are visited and cared for by a HIHU staff team, and the team is on call 24 hours for their patients.

HIHU accepts patients from Epworth Richmond and its emergency department, Box Hill, and Freemasons, as well as other hospitals and direct referrals from General Practitioners and consultants' rooms.

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