Hospital wins global award for energy reduction


Hollywood Private Hospital has earned international recognition for its efforts in reducing energy consumption.

It received a Global Healthcare Energy Award at the 2022 International Federation of Healthcare Engineering conference in Toronto, Canada. 

The Perth hospital reduced its energy use per square metre by 18 per cent in 2021 – the most by any healthcare facility in Australia.

Engineering Manager, Rohit Jethro, said Western Australia’s largest private hospital achieved that result – the equivalent of more than 380 homes’ annual energy consumption – by introducing energy-efficient equipment and machinery controls, which responded to demand more effectively.

“We have also installed energy-efficient lights, lighting controls and optimised the use of air conditioning in non-essential areas, amongst other things,” he said.

Mr Jethro said another key factor was the well-planned integration of new buildings at the Nedlands campus.

“While the new buildings have been designed with energy-efficient features, it was the interconnection of building services for the optimal utilisation of excess capacities on either side that has made the difference,” he added.

“As a result, we have been able to limit the amount of equipment in use simultaneously on this large site.” 

Director of Corporate Services, Julianne Allan, said the engineering department had worked hard to help the hospital meet its sustainability requirements under the remit of operator Ramsay Health Care Australia. 

“Significant progress has been made in reducing carbon emissions through decreased electricity and gas consumption,” Ms Allan said.

North West Private Hospital is part of a new scheme that reduces use of sterile wrap for medical instruments and funds reforestation

Ramsay Health Care has committed to achieving Net Zero greenhouse emissions by 2040 for its global operations, including more than 70 facilities across Australia.

Many have introduced solar-panel energy systems and more efficient lighting, as well as reducing landfill waste by eliminating single-use plastics and recycling a range of medical products.

Brisbane’s North West Private Hospital has recently joined a pilot program in which it replaces large quantities of sterile wrap for surgical instruments with reusable rigid containers.

In return for buying the containers from B Braun, the medical supplier plants trees in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor – around 450 so far – as part of its own sustainability program and the area’s reforestation project.

North West Private Hospital is one of four Ramsay facilities in the pilot scheme, along with Melbourne’s Frances Perry Private Hospital, Tamworth’s Tamara Private Hospital, and Armidale Private Hospital in New South Wales’ Northern Tablelands.

The concept was first introduced at Ramsay’s Sunshine Coast ‘hub and spoke’ group, where instruments are sterilised at Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital and then distributed to Noosa, Nambour Selangor and Caboolture Private Hospitals in rigid containers.

Ramsay Australia’s National Environment Manager, Sue Panuccio, said the initiative was “a significant step forward” in the group’s sustainability efforts.

“Along with the obvious benefits for the planet, we are also seeing financial benefits through making the switch to reusable rigid containers,” she said.

“Once the four pilot sites are up and running there will be a review of the performance and, based on that, we hope to expand across more sites.”

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