Helping patients get back to their PRIME


A new rehabilitation unit has created a program to help patients get back on their feet sooner after surgery, by starting their rehabilitation before they even enter the theatre.

The Sydney Adventist Hospital’s (San) new rehabilitation unit and prehabilitation program helps patients who are undergoing joint, cardiac or spinal surgery.

Getting patients back to their normal lives faster and easier is the aim of the new facility said The San Clinical Director, Dr Shari Parker.

“A highlight of the new unit is the PRIME program, Personalised Rehabilitation Individually Monitored and Evaluated.

“The PRIME program starts with prehabilitation well before the patient has surgery and actually gets the patients, their family and home ready before they have surgery and includes education, exercise and coaching in the lead up to surgery.

“We want people to achieve their personal best, whatever that means for them and this program provides specialist assessment of an individual’s need that will help patients achieve this,” said Dr Parker.

The 48 bed unit allows patients to transition easily from surgery to rehabilitation without the need to transfer to another facility.

The San General Manager, Brett Goods said having the unit on site completes the San circle of care for their patients.

“Having screening, diagnostic, medical and surgical treatments, and now rehabilitation, in one location means our patients leave us really ready to go home.

“We planned it recognising that our community is living, working and playing longer…they don’t want lack of agility stopping them getting back to their tennis, golf or grandchildren,” said Mr Goods.


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