• How to build ‘whole-person health’

    Healthcare workers cannot care for their patients if they are not caring for themselves.

    That was the message to Sydney Adventist Hospital staff at the recent launch of a new online fitness program by ELIA Wellness.

    The health promotion charity is an initiative started by the hospital's sister organisation, Adventist Health.

    Dr Geraldine Przybylko, Executive Director at ELIA Wellness, said the fitness program was part of the Adventist HealthCare Limited group’s commitment to “whole-person health”.

    “Human beings are designed to thrive, and positive lifestyle choices can act as preventative medicine or improve wellness if ill,” Dr Przybylko said. 

    “The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has identified that an alarming 55 percent of adults did not participate in sufficient physical activity, yet we know that exercise is associated with significant health benefits.

    “Whole-person health is the foundation of ELIA’s evidence-based lifestyle medicine programs, which complement conventional medicine to help the community achieve health, healing and hope.”

    To celebrate the launch of ELIA Fitness, a group workout for all staff was held on the front lawn of New South Wales' largest private hospital, also known as the San. 

    The workout was run by ELIA Fitness personal trainer and former professional soccer player, Todd Brodie, who helped developed the workouts on the app.  

    About 100 staff members took part in the fitness class, with some even in fancy dress.

    Group workouts on the front lawn are not a new activity for the San, which opened in 1903.

    In the 1920s, its nurses would gather on the front law each day for a physical culture calisthenics session.

    San staff have a long history of physical exercise

    Dr Przybylko said the app helped to make it easy for people to exercise anywhere, anytime.

    “We know that exercise benefits people not just physically, but in terms of mental health, too. 

    “ELIA Fitness is a great way to support Adventist HealthCare staff to feel their best so that they can give their best care.”

    Australian Government Health Guidelines suggest that adults aged 18 to 64 years old should be active most days, preferably each day. 

    Each week, adults should aim for two and a half to five hours of moderate or 75 minutes to two and a half hours, of vigorous intensity physical activity, or a combination of both – and at least 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days for those over 65. 

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