A focus on general practice for new AMA President


The care his father received during a serious health crisis led new Federal Australian Medical Association (AMA) President Dr Tony Bartone to a career in medicine, and now he wants to use his new role to improve the lot of general practice in Australia.

Dr Bartone, a Victorian General Practitioner, was elected President last month. Taking on the mantle, he told the Federal AMA conference that he wanted to see better investment in primary health care.

“I now want to fight for Australia’s doctors so that they can continue to deliver the same quality health care that my father received,” Dr Bartone said.

“General practice has been systematically starved of funding, putting at risk its very survival.

“The AMA, under my leadership, has the solutions.

“A GP President will send a message.

“Our Health Minister needs to understand the time for rhetoric is over. We need to see real action now.

“We will have a Federal Election in the next year, and I am ready for any early election call.”

Dr Bartone is the immediate past Vice President of the Federal AMA and a former President of AMA Victoria. He took over as President from West Australian obstetrician Michael Gannon.

He will serve as President for two years.

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