Couple celebrate new year with newborn


2016 began in an extra special way for Brad and Rebecca James – and there’s little chance they’ll forget it.

While revellers on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast drank and danced the night away, the couple was up all night celebrating the birth of their second child, Max.

Baby Max was born at The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital at 2.08am on New Year’s Day, almost certainly making him the area’s first baby of 2016.

“A holiday every year on his birthday is pretty cool,” Rebecca told Noosa News.

“We're feeling pretty blessed. To have a healthy child is the most important thing.”

Weighing seven and a half pounds, Max joins a family of boys. The couple share four-year-old son Liam, while Brad has another son, 15-year-old Tye.

Brad and Rebecca chose not to discover the sex this time around, after Rebecca found out with Liam but kept it from Brad.

“This time I thought I'd enjoy the surprise,” Rebecca said.

Brad said the sex of a baby was “one of the only things you can't Google”.

“It’s one of the only surprises left. I haven’t found out with any of my boys,” he said.

Max joins his mum in having a birthday on a public holiday, with Rebecca born on Anzac Day.

“He can always have a big one the night before, he won't have to worry about it,” Brad said.


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