Chris O’Brien Lifehouse extends cancer services


Patients managing cancer in the Port Macquarie area will now have access to treatment closer to home.

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is extending its services to include a regular clinic for head and neck tumour patients. Director of Head and Neck Surgery, Associate Professor Carsten Palme said the new clinic will complement existing services for cancer patients.

“Our aim is to work closely with the general practitioner community and existing surgical, radiation and medical oncologists to complement patient services in the region, and reduce the need for patients to travel long distances for complex specialist and follow up consultation.

“We look forward to applying our integrated model of care to patients in the Port Macquarie region,” said Professor Palme.

Professor Palme said people should have symptoms checked if they are worried.

“Signs include lumps in the neck and inside the mouth. If people have concerns they should see their GP,” said Professor Palme.

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse head and neck specialist Dr Hubert Low said sun exposure has become a leading cause of head and neck cancers.

“In the past, smoking and alcohol were the most well-known causes of head and neck cancer, typically affecting areas like the mouth, throat and voice box.

“Fortunately, significant improvement in outcomes has been achieved with a multidisciplinary and integrated treatment approach delivering the latest in minimally invasive surgical and reconstructive techniques,” said Dr Low.

Around 17,160 people live with head and neck cancers in Australia, with nearly 5,000 people diagnosed each year.


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