Celebrating 15 years of helping Australians see


Melbourne’s Victoria Parade Surgery Centre (VPSC) hit a major milestone recently, but the celebrations are on hold for now.

The VPSC marked its 15th anniversary in August but, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the party plans have been postponed.

Director of nursing and CEO, Sharon McKinley, said a VIP lunch would be going ahead once restrictions were lifted.

“The medical advisory committee and original owners will be here to mark the occasion with current staff, as soon as we can,” she said.

“We want to make sure the occasion is special and fully acknowledges what a significant achievement this is.”

When it opened in 2006, VPSC had three theatres. In 2013, it became part of the Cura Day Hospitals Group and now has five theatres, with around 800 patients attending the centre each month.

Ms McKinley said patients were attracted by the centre’s warm and welcoming environment.

“We employ nurses and staff who genuinely care about our patients, their experience and quality of care,” she said.

Dr Mark Troski and Tim Puyk after the first cataract list at the hospital in 2006

VPSC is dedicated to ophthalmic care, with the majority of its procedures falling in this category.

“This is one of the biggest areas of healthcare because we have an ageing population,” Ms McKinley said.

“We feel so privileged that we can change lives by helping people who have limited sight, or who are going blind.”

Tim Puyk, Cura Day Hospitals' group operations manager for south and west regions, has been with VPSC since its inception – in fact, he was employee number one.

Mr Puyk is one of 12 original staff members still working at VPSC.

“It’s the relationships I’ve built over the years and the many, many great people who work at the centre that have kept me here,” he said.

Mr Puyk added the biggest change he had seen was the advances in technology.

“Keeping up with technology is important, and over time cataract surgery and intra-ocular lens technology has definitely improved,” he said.

“We always remain innovative, and were actually the first in the country to get an image guidance system for Toric lens use (SMI System) now Verion.”

Mr Puyk said he also remembered the first cataract procedure performed at VPSC.

“Dr Mark Troski performed our first cataract list on 28 August, 2006,” he said.

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