• Bevyn Carr – Facilities Manager, Gold Coast Private Hospital

    If Bevyn Carr was not facilities manager at Gold Coast Private Hospital, he would be a sea captain or an airline pilot. Lucky for the team at the hospital, the challenges and complexities of his role keep him happy!

    What do you love about your job and why? 

    This job provides a great way to empower the  facility teams who provide services that are critical to Gold Coast Private's operation and functionality.  We work diligently in the background and are happy when those that use the hospital have a great experience. I enjoy being responsible for the facility services that our patients, visitors and staff rely on for their comfort and amenity. 

    Why did you become a Facilities Manager / Why did you want to work in a hospital? 

    With a background in mechanical engineering and plant reliability, I saw Facility Management as the next step in my career progression. Hospitals offer a wide range of services and complexities. These challenges provide a great way to test your ability and push you to that next level. 

    What is something about you, your colleagues don't know? 

    I am a tinkerer. I like to pull things apart and put them back together.  Likely cause:- Lego deprivation as a child.

    What do you do in your spare time? 

    Our family of three growing boys keep my wife and I extra busy outside of work hours. I do love to relax with a book or an iPad when given the chance. Family holidays are also important so we try to get away to a nearby island or a mountain location a couple of times each year. 

    What is something you want to achieve this year?

    Work:  Energy efficiency and increased reliability. We constantly review the efficiency of Gold Coast Private's energy consuming plant to ensure this is running at optimum levels. We believe that new technologies around power production and reduction make good economic and environmental sense. 

    Personal:  It’s time for an overseas holiday with the family. 

    What would you be if you weren't a Facilities Manager? 

    A sea captain or an airline pilot - It’s hard to decide. There is something about being in command of alternative types of travel and regularly changing your perspective that is very attractive.   

    What do you like to bring to your role? 

    My team at Gold Coast Private are increasingly autonomous and operating more efficiently. This allows me to focus on other areas of the core business and improvements to the service we deliver.   

    Why do you think Gold Coast Private is a good place to work?   

    We are a new facility with the latest amenities and technology available for our patients, visitors and staff. We are in a great location in a growth corridor with access to state of the art imaging and medical support services in a shared private/public health and learning arrangement with the University Hospital and the Griffith University. 

    We are also located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia - so perfect!