• $2.4M scanner boosts Geelong healthcare

    Surgeons at Epworth Geelong in Victoria are celebrating the arrival of some impressive new technology.

    A $2.4 million CT scanner will be used in the hospital’s operating theatres, boosting patient safety and providing better outcomes.

    Epworth Geelong's Executive General Manager, Leonie Lloyd, said the new equipment would allow patients to be treated locally for complex cases.

    “In a first for the region’s hospitals, the intraoperative CT theatre scanner is combined with navigation technology to guide the surgeons with access to real-time imaging during complex operations.

    “It’s a significant boost to healthcare for our region,” she said.

    “It means more complex spinal and neurosurgery cases can be treated at Epworth Geelong, rather than patients having to be transferred to Melbourne. 

    “This technology means better outcomes for our patients.”

    The CT scanner can be moved between theatres as required, allowing more flexibility for surgeons.

    Combined with surgical navigation, it will aid neurosurgeons like Nick Hall.

    “This innovative fusion of intraoperative CT and precision navigation will expand the scope and accuracy of complex spinal and brain surgery for Epworth Geelong patients,” Mr Hall said.

    “Now, surgery is safer, quicker and suitable for a broader range of patients. This enables fewer postoperative scans and reduces the chance of revision surgery.

    “This is the best technology available to aid surgeons to achieve the best operative outcomes.”

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