Westmead Private ‘takes surgery to next level’


Westmead Private Hospital has a proud history of bringing the newest surgical options to Western Sydney - and it has taken another leap into the future by investing in a cutting-edge robotic system.

The da Vinci Xi technology not only brings unprecedented patient outcomes, but is also proving to be a delight for the specialists who use it.

Westmead’s top surgeons said using the robot was “like an extension of their hands”, giving them an advanced set of instruments to help with a range of complex surgeries.

Leading gynaecologist Associate Professor Felix Chan said it had never been so exciting to practice as a surgeon.

“This machine is a fantastic surgical tool, it improves the accuracy of gynaecological surgery and reduces complications.

“It’s like an extension of your arm or hands and it’s exciting for surgeons to be able to use this technology and look at higher definition, 3D camera imaging while we are operating,” he said.

Studies have shown using the da Vinci technology means fewer complications for patients, as well as a shorter stay in hospital and, for those who had open surgery, a lower level of pain.

A/Prof Chan said, since using the da Vinci Xi robot for complex gynaecological procedures, 90 percent of his patients were able to go home within 24 hours and 15 percent were able to go home the same day.

“Westmead Private is really leading the way because no other hospital in the Western Sydney region has this.

“The population is growing rapidly and by having the latest technology to work with, surgeons can work more efficiently and that opens up the potential to serve more of our community,” he said.

Leading urologist Professor Howard Lau said the da Vinci Xi robot could be used for a range of complex procedures including urology, kidney, prostate, gynaecological, bowel, cardiothoracic, head and neck, bariatric, pancreatic and upper gastrointestinal tract surgeries.

“Our surgeons are very experienced in robotic surgery and we’ve been able to adapt to this upgraded equipment very, very quickly.

“This latest generation of robot really takes surgery to the next level, because it is a safer option than open surgery and allows patients to recover more quickly,” he said.

Westmead Private Hospital has led the way with robotic surgeries in Western Sydney, with earlier models including the da Vinci Si surgical system and the ROSA robot.  

The hospital was the first in Australia to offer single-site incision capabilities and performed the country’s first partial nephrectomy using firefly imaging. 

“The da Vinci Xi robot is cutting-edge technology, and Westmead Private and Ramsay Health Care really need to be congratulated for keeping in touch with the latest medical facilities so that surgeons can use them to produce the best outcome for patients,” A/Prof Chan said.

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