Westmead promotes professional development


Westmead Private Hospital is committed to the professional development of undergraduates (medical & nursing), new graduates, work experience students and current staff

 Westmead Private Hospital carried out a Needs Analysis and Staff Satisfaction Survey which revealed that professional development is rated as highly essential and desirable across both clinical and non-clinical areas. It is also strongly perceived as a good retention tool.

In order to develop and maintain proficiency in the safe delivery of patient care from a multidisciplinary approach and to develop valuable team skills, ongoing education for all staff is paramount. As part of Westmead Private Hospitals educational support program staff are provided with options for study leave, assistance with course costs and scholarships.

Karen Lovett, a nurse at Westmead Private Hospital, shared her experience on completing a Bachelor of Nursing and a Graduate Certificate of Paediatric Nursing. “Four years ago, I was able to commence my Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Western Sydney. I tackled it head on, challenged by the rigors of academia and clinical work while studying full time at university. All the while, my colleagues and managers at Westmead Private were supportive, understanding and encouraging.”

Ms Lovett completed her Bachelor of Nursing in December 2012 and was registered on the same day as she graduated. “The sentiment of the whole process was overwhelming, not to mention having to remember to write RN after more than three decades of writing EN.”

With no time to spare, she applied for and was awarded the Ramsay National Postgraduate Scholarship to study the Graduate Certificate of Paediatric Nursing at Edith Cowan University. She received her final results in November and realised that she had passed the course with high distinction.

“I am overwhelmed to have achieved my long held goal. My colleagues celebrated my success in style, throwing a surprise afternoon tea. I have my family, managers and colleagues to thank for their unceasing support throughout these last four years.”

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