Wellness centre ready to help Gold Coast community


Repeat patient presentations from patients with preventable illnesses sparked Pindara Private Hospital doctors into action and resulted in a new wellness centre just opened on the Gold Coast.

Pindara doctors noticed a number of patients in the Emergency Department presenting with serious illnesses that a little bit of knowledge and understanding of their health could have prevented.

The Pindara Corporate Wellness Centre head Dr Martin Clark, said the centre will offer basic health checks and information to build health literacy.

Dr Martin Clark, is excited to offer this service to the Gold Coast community.

“All the doctors involved in the Pindara Corporate Wellness Centre are passionate about and committed to educating people about their health and how they can manage and maintain it into the future.

“Some of the reasons people don’t have regular checks are time, cost and convenience; but we believe we have addressed all these factors at the Pindara Corporate Wellness Centre,” said Dr Clark.

At the new clinic patients undergo a range of simple health questions and physical tests that assess heart function, lung function, blood pressure, cholesterol and fitness and weight.

The results from these test are compiled into a comprehensive health report patients can discuss with the reporting doctor or their regular general practitioner.

Pindara CEO Trish Hogan said the new wellness centre was the next piece in the puzzle for the growing number of health services available at the hospital.

“The opening of the Pindara Corporate Wellness Centre is a wonderful addition to the hospital. It provides a great opportunity for people to gain an insight into their health and access assistance to help preserve it in to the future,” said Ms Hogan.


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