VIDEO: Futuristic surgery gives man a new bladder


The first neobladder robotic surgery was performed at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse recently.

Truck driver Mark Jenkins was the subject of the 19-hour procedure, which was done using a da Vinci robotic system.

Mark's cancer of the bladder demanded the trickiest of operations. His surgeon, Dr Scott Leslie, had to separate his old bladder from the tangle of nerves, blood vessels and the prostate gland before removing it.

A new bladder, known as a neobladder, was then made. A neobladder is typically made from 50-60cm of a patients' small intestine, but in some cases, a surgeon may use the large intestine.

Remarkably, the da Vinci robot performed the entire surgery, even making the new bladder, inside Mark's body using four tiny keyholes in his abdomen.

Watch the full story below.

Story first aired on Channel 7's Today Tonight.


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