Victorian private hospitals providing help to public patients


Victorian private hospitals joined a trial to help the public system manage a record number of influenza cases this flu season.

The Victorian Government sought the help of the private sector to take on public patients when the public system reached capacity.

The trial involved Ambulance Victoria monitoring pressure points in public hospital emergency departments and determining if patients should be transported to a private hospital to get

The Victorian Minister for Health, Jill Hennessy said the whole health system worked together to expand emergency capacity in one of their busiest-ever flu seasons.

Ms Hennessy said public patients who were transported to a private hospital to receive treatment had the exact same arrangements as if they were taken to a public hospital.

Epworth Geelong answered the call of the Health Minister during the emergency period.

An Epworth Healthcare spokesperson said the trial arrangement ran from Saturday 16 September 2017 to midnight on Tuesday 3 October 2017.

“During this time Epworth Geelong helped 27 public patients, with patient flow being a little unpredictable at times, with some days seeing up to six public patients and others days we received none.

“Our emergency department worked well with Ambulance Victoria, especially as it was a trial so a lot of protocols were developed on the run,” said the spokesperson.

The trial has led to additional public hospital funding to move patients through the emergency department faster and get paramedics back on the road.


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