Keeping patients happy


The SAN is utilising state of the art technology to improve efficiencies and patient satisfaction

Building on its commitment to patient care and the early adoption of technology, the Sydney Adventist Hospital, known as the San has invested more than $180 million on its major redevelopment with the aim to help make its operating theatres among the most efficient and advanced in Australia.

“The San is the first hospital in Australia to introduce a technology platform known as Unison that streamlines surgical processes to deliver efficiencies previously not possible,” said Margaret Duffy, general manager of Sydney Adventist Hospital.

“We now offer data and theatre management systems that seamlessly sync with the surgeon’s theatre devices, meaning surgeons can capture images and videos during surgery and immediately edit, save and send information to other secure devices such as a laptop, iPad or smartphone.

“The Unison system has allowed us to create an environment where surgeons and theatre staff have more time to focus on the patient because the technology is looking after other aspects of the procedure. This really is the future of surgery,” Ms Duffy added.

Unison utilises a cloud-based web portal system with the latest 1080p HD cameras and an intuitive tablet interface. It allows surgeons to capture crystal clear images and video, develop post-operative reports with annotated images, including rehabilitation instructions, and instantly and securely send them to the patient or referring doctor.

“Effective communication with patients is a critical component of today’s healthcare. Our investment provides the tools to optimise surgeon and operating theatre efficiencies which can increase patient satisfaction and help reduce rapidly rising infrastructure costs,” said Ms Duffy. “For more than 20 years, theatre processes and imaging technology have remained virtually unchanged. We are excited about the possibilities this technology creates and the benefits it will deliver to surgeons and patients,” she added.

“The Unison system incorporates the Arthrex Synergy HD3 camera system and is a state-of-the-art evolution in imaging that provides excellent picture quality and interconnectivity opportunities designed to improve patient outcomes, meet technology advances and provide education and training opportunities,” said Dr Philip Middleton, who has a particular interest in endocrine and laparoscopic surgery.

“Excellent quality images with high resolution, depth of field and dynamic range, maximise our ability to undertake procedures laparoscopically – resulting in less trauma and complications, faster recovery and rehabilitation, and a better patient experience. This is particularly relevant for the gall bladder, hernia repair and thorascopic and abdominal endoscopic procedures I do, but equally applies to orthopaedic, urological or colorectal procedures undertaken by my medical colleagues.

“The integration of the high definition camera, the LED light source and an image management system into one compact console made it the front runner out of other imaging systems I reviewed. It reaffirms Sydney Adventist Hospital’s reputation for constantly seeking excellence in patient care.”