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The Hills Clinic Kellyville successfully meets all 10 National Safety and Quality Health Service standards

In February 2014, The Hills Clinic Kellyville opened a further two wards: one being a purpose built young adult mental health ward for inpatients aged 16 to 25 years and a second ward with additional adult beds for mood and addiction patients. It has been a busy 12 months for the staff and management of The Hills Clinic hospital in Kellyville. It has not only commissioned the two new wards, but has also prepared the hospital for its first tri-annual ISO survey, which incorporated the 10 national standards and the mental health standards.

Preparation for the survey began in September with the formation of the NSQHS committee, which met weekly. The committee, with the support of The Hills Clinic board agreed that the entire organisation would be involved in a dedicated training day. The NSQHS training day was held off-site and included our consumer representatives, staff, doctors, contractors and service providers. The training day was a great success and was the perfect platform to unify the entire team to work toward the one common goal of improving, rewriting and implementing the new policies to meet all 10 standards.

The training day also allowed staff to hear directly from consumers, and together they identified ways of improving current processes. Some of the improvements identified at the training day through the NSQHS committee that have since been implemented, include:

• a new clinical handover form was developed and consumers are now present during the morning clinical handover;

• introduction of an Observation Recognition and Response Chart; • introduction of falls and pressure management risk assessments. Patient and carer information brochures were also created;

• improvements to escalation of care processes including use of risk stickers by all clinicians and following incidents;

• introduction of a Medication Safety Committee; and

• involving consumers and carers in the design of the new wards, in the education and training of staff and in content and design reviews of all therapy programs, marketing publications and information brochures.

Positive feedback The NSQHS accreditation survey was held over two days in May, with The Hills Clinic maintaining its ISC accreditation and receiving very positive feedback from the auditor. The Hills Clinic gained two met with merits, which related to Standard 2, Partnering with Consumers, due to working closely with consumers every step of the way. The Hills Clinic also received a special mention for the documented clinical handover (NSQHS - Standard 6) and the quality manual (NSQHS - Standard 1 and ISO 9001:2008). Since its opening in 2011, The Hills Clinic has focused on providing mental health services which meet the needs of consumers and are proud that its focus on consumers has been recognised in such a positive way in the ISC accreditation survey.


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