Tamara Private Hospital launches half-day rehabilitation program


A new half-day rehabilitation program will begin operating at Tamara Private Hospital from August 1.

The program has been established in response to the growing demand for more locally-based rehabilitation services in the New England region of New South Wales.

Tamara currently offers inpatient rehabilitation services, which means those not being treated at the hospital aren’t able to access it.

The new half-day program, however, will accept patients who have been referred by a doctor or specialist.

GP liaison Cheryl Barneveld said the program will be convenient for locals.

“Locally-based rehabilitation services at Tamara Private Hospital will alleviate the need for patients to travel out of town for similar services,” she said.

Tamara’s rehabilitation services are designed to assist patients regain the greatest level of independence possible after illness, injury or surgery.

They cater for patients requiring orthopaedic, neurological, musculoskeletal, reconditioning and amputee rehabilitation.

The implementation of the half-day program signals Tamara’s ongoing commitment to providing the community with quality rehabilitation services.

It also marks the second time in as many years that the facility has improved its services.

In 2013, the hospital spent close to $1 million on an 18-bed rehabilitation unit. Half-day patients will have access to those facilities.

“Patients will partake in rehabilitation programs within Tamara’s large gymnasium, consulting rooms, treatment areas and rehabilitation garden,” Mrs Barneveld said.

New patients will be individually assessed on their suitability prior to entering the program. A management plan will then be created for them by the rehabilitation unit team.

Mrs Barneveld said patients will be asked to contribute throughout the process.

“Patients and carers play an integral role within the team and are encouraged to participate in planning and goal setting within their program.”


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