State-of-the-art operating theatre for South Australia


Adelaide’s Western Hospital is celebrating the opening of a state-of-the-art operating theatre with cutting edge “clean room” technology.

The 70 metre square orthopaedic and general operating theatre opened this week, and according to Western Hospital CEO, Kathy Nagle, it’s creating quite a buzz among staff.

“It uses Wilhelm AirFRAME technology, it’s basically the cleanest operating room you can get,” she said.

“The doctors are thrilled – the cleanliness of the operating theatre is amazing and the theatre has a lot of natural light, with high windows.

“The new staff areas are just perfect and we’ll be able to recruit doctors just based on the work environment we can offer.”

The Wilhelm AirFRAME system provides HEPA filtered air to the operating theatre, while directing airborne particles and contaminants away from the sterile field and improving clinical outcomes.

Ms Nagle added the operating theatre was interactive.

“It basically talks to all our technology and because of the size, there’s enough room for all our orthopaedic surgery robots,” she said.

“It’s integrated with our camera system as well, and overall, we’re very excited about it.”

Officially opened in 1974, Western Hospital is currently in the middle of a four stage masterplan to revamp the entire facility.

“The operating theatre was stage two,” Ms Nagle said.

“Part of stage three will be a cardiovascular theatre and redeveloping our recovery area to include 19 beds.

“The entire stage four plan should be complete by 2022.”

Since the opening of the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit almost three years ago, doctors are on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the hospital has grown considerably.

As a result, the hospital has attracted some of South Australia’s best surgeons who are now performing highly complex surgeries.

“The staff are really beside themselves about the new operating theatre, and they’ve been so great throughout this whole process,” Ms Nagle said.

“You know, their change rooms were in the linen rooms during this redevelopment, so they’ve been very patient.

“This is the only theatre like it in South Australia.”


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