St George Private’s first robotic total knee replacement


New 3D robotic technology is revolutionising knee replacement surgery, bringing unprecedented precision and better outcomes for patients.

St George Private Hospital is now offering comprehensive treatment using its new Stryker Mako system, one of only three robotic services for joint replacement in the Sydney private sector.

The hospital introduced robotic partial knee surgery last year, and this month added total knee replacement (TKR) using the advancements of the technology.

“I’m thrilled we can now offer patients a robotic option whether they require a partial or total knee replacement,” said orthopaedic specialist Dr George Kirsh, who performed the first such TKR with the equipment in Sydney's south-east.

“Using the new system can lead to quicker patient recovery and mobility as well as less pain,” he added.

St George Private staff with the new Stryker Mako equipment

Applying data from the patient's CT scans, the controlled robotic arm allows surgeons to more accurately define, prepare and execute the positioning of the knee implant, Dr Kirsh said.

The system's three-dimensional picture of the patient's bone anatomy creates a virtual boundary within which the surgeon can work, thus reducing potential error.

TKR is required when both sides of the knee joint are worn, damaged or diseased, while partial replacement involves only one side of the joint.

For more information, visit the St George Private website.

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