South Pacific Private expands services


Leading addiction treatment centre South Pacific Private has added a sober living facility to its service offering.

The Sydney-based organisation built the new facility, Beachwood, next door to its main centre on the Northern Beaches, making the unit one of the first of its kind in Australia. Only a handful of other services are attached to an addiction clinic.

The 10-bed facility has been designed to complement South Pacific Private’s long-running inpatient program.

“The most effective way of tackling addiction in society is with treatment,” South Pacific Private executive director Lorraine Wood said.

“Our aim with Beachwood is to provide ongoing support to help people regain their lives and break the disastrous cycle of addiction.

“Recovery from addiction is now widely recognised as a journey that takes place over time. Beachwood aims to help people move into recovery sooner so they can enjoy a productive, happy and healthy life.”

South Pacific Private has been offering inpatient programs for those suffering from addiction, depression and mental illness for more than 22 years.


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