Robotic surgery will benefit Sunshine Coast patients


New technology introduced on the Sunshine Coast will mean patients undergoing surgery will have better results in terms of reduced pain, shorter hospital stays and lower risk of infection according to surgeons.

Patients at the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital will be able to undergo procedures assisted by the da Vinci surgical robot system from early next year.

The system assists surgeons with minimally invasive surgical procedures for urology, gynaecology, thoracic, cardiac and general surgery.

The robot allows for high level precision especially in prostatectomies, as the incision is less than 1cm compared to an incision of up to 25cm for traditional prostatectomies.

Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital urologist Dr Stuart Collins, has been successfully trained in performing robotic surgery for prostate cancer.

“The da Vinci prostatectomy is innovative technology that offers extraordinary benefits to patients and has revolutionised the treatment of prostate cancer.

“The da Vinci Surgical Robot System enables urologists to operate in the difficult areas to get to the lower pelvis through very small incisions with unmatched precision. It is very effective and the least invasive surgical approach to prostate cancer treatment,” said Dr Collins.

“Benefits to patients include less pain, shorter stay in hospital, and less risk of infection,” Dr Collins said.

With this new addition set to be installed, the hospital will expand their urological services so patients with prostate cancer have better access to the latest technology.

Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital CEO, Mr Oliver Steele said he was delighted to have the new system which will benefit patients in the area and add to the hospitals existing capabilities.

“This is the next frontier for men’s health on the Sunshine Coast, we’ve invested $3.5 million into this robotic surgery,” said Mr Steele.


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