Rehab facility South Pacific Private adds beds as demand increases


South Pacific Private is increasing its beds by 30 per cent to meet a rising demand for alcohol and drug rehabilitation services.

The private addiction clinic on Sydney’s northern beaches will boost its beds from 41 to 53 because of the spike.

Recent statistics revealed the number of people caught with ice on the northern beaches had risen 80 per cent in the past two years.

South Pacific Private general manager Claire Barber said the facility was doing what was necessary.

“The truth is that we are seeing an increase in demand for our services,” Ms Barber said.

“It’s so important that we provide treatment for people suffering with addiction and mental health concerns and we want to be able to provide that care for people locally and further afield.”

Media reports this week highlighted how Australians are seeking help overseas for their ice addiction because of shorter waiting times and a belief it is cheaper.

Private clinics in Australia are often thought to charge tens of thousands of dollars for treatment, but the Manly Daily revealed this week that costs often end up being as little as a few hundred dollars for patients with private health insurance.

Ms Barber said the waiting list at South Pacific Private was less than three weeks and because addiction was often linked with mental health disorders, the cost of treatment could be claimed through insurance.

“We are fortunate in Australia that private health insurers all offer plans that cover members for psychiatric care,” she said.

“Although addiction and mental illness can be devastating for families, the situation is not hopeless.”


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