Ramsay cleans up with ‘meaningful’ loan


Ramsay Health Care has received more acclaim for its award-winning sustainability strategy – and Australia's largest private healthcare provider is also giving back to the community as part of a campaign to clean up the country.

The group's mission to help create a healthier environment has extended to a landmark sustainability-linked loan (SLL) – the first by an Australian healthcare company – which ended up being the largest of its type in the Asia Pacific region at the time.

Completed in June 2021 with 21 banks in the syndicate, the $1.5 billion SLL has been named ‘ESG Loan of the Year’ by the prestigious magazine International Financing Review Asia.

“Sustainable financing helps us make a meaningful difference through our global healthcare business,” Ramsay Health Care’s Group Chief Financial Officer Martyn Roberts said.

“The loan is tied to achieving important targets for Ramsay’s three pillars of sustainability: caring for our people, caring for the planet and caring for our communities.

“Our targets include boosting mental health support for employees and implementing more renewable energy projects in our hospitals, as well as reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.”

Meanwhile, the group's Ramsay Pharmacy division is supporting the ‘Clean Up Australia Day 2022’ campaign by donating free hand sanitiser to 80,000 volunteers. Ramsay Pharmacy will also have teams participating in Brisbane and Melbourne as part of three events in the first week of March – visit the official website for full details.

“It’s crucial to stay healthy and sanitise your hands regularly when cleaning to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria,” Ramsay Pharmacy CEO Greg Kennedy said.

“We’ve all become much more conscious of our health and safety over the past two years, but it’s not just COVID-19 that we need to be thinking about. If you’re out picking up rubbish, we recommend wearing gloves if you can and making sure you sanitise your hands straight after.”

Mr Kennedy said he was proud to support the nation's largest community-based environmental event, joining his team members in making pledges to reduce their impact on the environment.

“My personal pledge this year is to only use a reusable drink bottle, which is aligned with Ramsay Health Care’s broader pledge to cease using single-use plastic water bottles in our facilities,” he said.

Ramsay facilities are also switching to more sustainable energy supplies – Hillcrest Rockhampton Private Hospital in Central Queensland has become the sixth site across the group to install solar panels.

The 275-kilowatt rooftop system will save more than 6,360 tonnes of carbon emissions over its lifespan, the equivalent of taking 115 cars off the road.

The hospital, which has kept more than 123,000 single-use plastic items out of landfill since June 2020, will also upgrade to energy-efficient LED lights this year.

“Installing solar panels is great for the environment and creating a more sustainable hospital for the future,” Hillcrest Rockhampton Private Hospital CEO Fiona Hebbard said.

“We live in the Sunshine State so it makes sense to use our natural resources to assist in powering our hospital.

“As planned, the installation was seamless, our patients likely would not have even noticed the work going on above them.”

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