How private hospitals can boost productivity


Private hospital clinicians could be wasting two weeks of every working year jumping between the different technologies needed to do their job if IT systems are not adequately integrated, according to feedback provided to IP Health.

IP Health Chief Business Development Officer, Chris De Sair, said the productivity wastage could be as high as five percent, a significant business impact for hospitals.

‘Productivity losses from uncoordinated clinical apps are probably not front of mind to those busy getting the job done,’ he said.

‘Often, it's not until clinicians can compare the “before and after” working environments that it becomes obvious to them.

‘With a new-technology integration platform, hospitals and health services can quickly and easily give their clinicians the opportunity to see the benefits,’ he added.

IP Health is a clinical information management provider which began life as a project at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre to overcome this very problem.  Thirteen years later, its new technology clinical integration platform – Verdi – unifies the Mater private and public hospital network’s clinical ecosystem, in addition to the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Peter MacCallum and others, and recently expanded to include the new Queensland Health viewer and My Health Record services.

Mr De Sair said Verdi pays for itself with a return on investment of four to one, at just half of a one percent productivity gain. He also noted that there are many additional benefits from a unified patient-centric view, citing Mater’s Director of Medicine, Dr Simon bowler who has asserted: ‘The availability of the QH viewer within Verdi has dramatically improved the delivery of medical care to patients attending Mater Hospitals who have been seen elsewhere throughout Queensland Health facilities.

‘Patients typically visit more than one institution in the management of their health issues - being able to access patient’s clinical data and investigation outcomes from other HHSs [Hospitals and Health Services] improves the timely, seamless delivery of safe efficient health care across all specialties and including in the private sphere. Problems are not missed, and duplication of investigations can be minimised allowing safer more comprehensive and speedier decision making.’

IP Health, part of the Australian Private Hospitals Association family of sponsors, offers no-obligation, no-cost trials of the platform, with no upfront fees, and a pay as you save subscription model, to ensure it’s the right fit for your hospital.

‘You can sit down with us and have a fully-functioning test release working within a few days, so clinician feedback can be gained right from the start, and if it is right for you, the whole process can be finished in weeks,’ Mr De Sair said.

For more information on the free trial, and the savings that can be made, contact IP health at +61 (0)3 8662 0600.

IP Health is a Major Sponsor of APHA


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