‘Platinum standard’ for prostate treatment


A new advanced laser treatment for kidney stones and prostate problems is giving patients at St Vincent's Private Hospital benefits such as faster, more precise operations and quicker recovery time.

The Sydney hospital is the first in Australia to invest in the system, which allows more of the laser pulse to reach the targeted stone or tissue by 'parting the water' in its path.

Urologist Dr. Raji Kooner has been using the Lumenis Holmium 120-watt laser, which incorporates the new Moses technology, since it arrived in June.

“Energy is transmitted in a more efficient and precise manner by a modulation of the Holmium laser pulse.

“It first separates the water, then delivers the remaining energy through the vapour bubble and towards the target tissue, thus less energy is lost to the surrounding fluid,” Dr Kooner said.

Dr Raji Kooner with a patient after performing the new procedure.

With urinary stones, the laser's modulated pulse means the target moves around less and gives the surgeon more accuracy, while the technology also increases the success rate of soft-tissue treatment and reduces procedure times.

“I have observed improved enucleation and tissue effect,” Dr Kooner said. “It gives precise and sharper incisions resulting in less irregular tissue debris, and better hemostasis.”

He said the Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP) procedure “gives excellent long-term results”.

“It is the platinum standard,” Dr. Kooner added.

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