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Pindara Private Hospital has launched a new health and lifestyle magazine to meet the requirements of Standard 2

Pindara Private Hospital, on the Gold Coast, has adopted an innovative approach towards meeting the requirements of Standard 2 of the 10 National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, with the creation of Pindara Magazine, a high quality health and lifestyle consumer quarterly publication.

Encouraging and supporting proactive participation and decision-making from consumers and/or carers to improve the patient experience and patient health outcomes is a key criterion of Standard 2, which broadly requires a hospital to partner with consumers to improve the safety and quality of care.

Pindara CEO Trish Hogan said the magazine was one of a range of the innovative initiatives her hospital has introduced to meet these requirements. Thought to be the first publication of its type, Pindara Magazine is similar in concept to an airline’s inflight magazine and is distributed free to all hospital patients, visitors, staff, doctors, as well as the general community.

Robbie Falconer, business development and marketing manager, said, “The aim is simple: consult, inform and educate consumers in order to engage and empower them to make more informed healthcare choices.”

Ms Falconer said Pindara Magazine was part of a communication strategy with long-term goals to keep the Gold Coast community up-to-date with current issues, new treatments, and new and improved healthcare services and what these mean for the community. “We invited article submissions from a range of contributors, including patients, visitors, staff and the medical community. This process ensures the magazine content is relevant and meaningful while also ensuring communication between the hospital and our important stakeholder groups is a two-way process,” she said.

“By creating a better informed and better educated consumer, over time, we expect they will be able to make more informed and more personally relevant healthcare choices. In other words, the more informed our consumers become, the more active they will be in decision-making that concerns their own or their family’s healthcare.”

The first issue of Pindara Magazine went into circulation in February, and judging by the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from consumers, the magazine is really hitting the mark.

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