People in Private: Ron Sultana


Helping people is a part of Ron Sultana’s DNA. When he is not working at Epworth Richmond as the Director of Emergency Medicine or helping people prepare for a thunderstorm asthma event, he is teaching his eldest daughter how to drive.

What do you love about your job and why?
I love the variety of my work; meeting so many people from all sorts of backgrounds who in some way interface with the emergency department.

Why did you become an Emergency Physician?
I was drawn to the wide breadth of clinical cases and the unpredictability of the emergency department. Specifically as a private emergency physician, the private sector environment aligned better with the service I aspired to provide my patients.

Do you have a favourite quote or phrase?
Recently heard this Chinese proverb which resonated with me: “He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.”

What is something about you your colleagues don’t know?
Years ago, a twist of fate put me onto the academic road, otherwise I would be a tradesman of some sort today.

How do your friends describe you?
Fair-minded, truthful, good sense of humour and down-to-earth.

What do you do in your spare time? Any hobbies?
Love anything technology-related, DIY projects around the home, reading mostly non-fiction of all sorts of genres, I recently read The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes - an excellent account of Australia’s early convict history, and last but not least finding quality time with my wife and three girls (5, 13 and 17).

What is something you want to achieve this year?
Improve my fitness and will-power when offered chocolate. Survive the Victorian Certificate of Education year and teaching my eldest how to drive.

How can people prepare for a thunderstorm asthma event?
If a thunderstorm arises, stay inside and close all windows, avoid exertional activities during and after the storm. Turn air-conditioning onto recirculate. Those with asthma should have an action plan and refer to that.

To lower the risk of thunderstorm asthma, asthma and/or hayfever sufferers are advises to see their general practitioner to ensure that their asthma or hayfever is well-controlled. Asthma preventer medication should be used properly and regularly.


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