People in Private: Elena Perrotta


Western Sports Ortho and GP Practice, Practice Manager Elena Perrotta is extremely passionate about her job and is studying to add more knowledge to her role, but try to have a conversation when a reality television program is on and you won’t get a response.

What do you love about your job? And why?
I am extremely passionate about this job. It’s hard to describe what I love about it. I was a practice manager before and although I did enjoy it I feel that at Western Hospital I have found my “happy place”. I’m passionate about the people that I work with, I feel privileged to come to work daily. I’m very much a peoples’ person so this jobs suits me to a tee. At Western we are so lucky as we are known as a “one stop shop”. We have our GP Practice, Orthopaedics surgeons, Private hospital facilities, consultants, pharmacy, radiology, allied health, Dermatology, visiting consultants and specialists and as of this year we have opened an ICU.

I can get lost in my job, I love the culture, and we have a great culture here at the Western Hospital.

How long have you been working at the Western Hospital for?
Coming up to my third year.

Do you have a favourite quote or phrase?
“Always prepare for the worst”. People laugh at me when I say that, but I believe that if I’m always prepared for what ‘might’ happen I will have a contingency plan for it.

“Always work forward”. When a colleague might say “oh should I do it now or later” or “I will leave it till later” I will always say do it now. Everything is now. (Said with laughter)

What’s something interesting about you that your colleagues don’t know?
I’m highly addicted to reality television. I won’t even look at my phone, and no one can talk to me when a show is on. I’m mad for it, normally I will flick in between channels when the ads are on, but not with reality TV, I’m afraid I’ll miss something.

Favourite show at the moment?
Married at First Sight. I’ve never watched it before but this one is insane. I also then have to go on Facebook to see what’s going on as well.

What do you do in your spare time?
My partner is retired so we are pretty laidback. Movies, spending time with family, we usually go to Sydney three times a year to visit my partner’s daughter and son-in-law and our grandson son, and holidays when we get a chance to go away.

Any holiday’s planned?
My partner and I got engaged two years ago in Queensland, so we might go there at the end of April early May this year.

How would your friends or work colleagues describe you?
Approachable. People say they always feel comfortable talking to me. They also say I’m firm but fair but also very friendly.

What is something you want to achieve this year?
I’m just about to finish my Diploma in Human Resources. I am planning on studying for my Diploma in Practice Management.

I am looking forward to joining the Australian Association of Practice Management this year.

My personal goal would be to get married.

Why did you want to study the Diploma in Human Resources?
It came as a suggestion, I think one of the things I wanted to expand in my knowledge in management is people and how to yield the best result out of every character type.

Every time I’m in one of my classes I just think ‘Oh yeah I could do this’ and it works. So it’s really great to learn about people.

Where have you been studying?
Time Education and Training, at Henley Beach.

Any plans for the wedding so far?
I went to an outdoor wedding a couple of years at a winery. After the ceremony everyone had a lovely time. There was a one-man soloist and people were enjoying themselves standing around the barrels, enjoying a drink and nibbles.  It was very serene, and beautiful.  I think it will suit myself and my fiancé perfectly.


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