People in Private: Cherese Cox


Cherese Cox’s passion for midwifery began when she was a nanny in the United Kingdom, and after having her own children she decided to follow her dream. Now a midwife at Gold Coast Private Hospital, Ms Cox still makes time to relive the days when she was an amateur champion surfer.

What do you love about your job and why?
Initially it was all about the babies, but I soon realised it was about the journey of the woman and her family, especially the first vital days in the postnatal period. I am particularly passionate about breastfeeding support, but mostly about making sure we are supporting the women in all ways possible to make their experience whilst in our care as supportive as possible.

Why did you become a nurse?
In my 20s I travelled overseas and was a nanny in the UK. I worked for women and their families and they would tell me about their midwives and birth experiences and this is where my passion began.  I then went on to have my own children and decided I wanted to become a midwife. A year later I was enrolled at university as a full-time student with a one-year-old and a three-year-old.

What is something about you, your colleagues don't know?
I was an amateur champion surfer in my teens and early 20s.

What do you do in your spare time?
I surf with my partner, spend time with my children and two stepdaughters - we go camping often and we like to go on holidays to Bali.

What is something you want to achieve this year?
I want to complete a re certification for Special Care Nursery.

What would you be if you weren't a nurse?
A beach bum!

What do you like to bring to your ward?
Cake? I think I bring a positive attitude and I like to keep busy when on shift. I will always help my fellow team members whenever I can and I am always happy to come to work. I love working at Gold Coast Private - it has been a very positive experience.


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