Outstanding graduate award goes to Perth nurse


Perth Clinic Graduate Nurse, Rebecca Rich is Australia’s Outstanding Graduate winning the award at the 2017 HESTA Nursing and Midwifery Awards.

Ms Rich was in shock and disbelief when she was announced as the winner in her category.

“I felt so honoured to be nominated let alone win. It felt (and still feels) amazing to be recognised for doing a something I love and am so passionate about.

“I wish I could have thanked more people in my acceptance speech as I definitely didn't get where I am without the help of numerous people including those at Perth Clinic, family and friends,” said Ms Rich.

Ms Rich said she will use the $10,000 prize money to visit hospitals around Australia to research how others are treating mental health and personality disorders.

“I plan to visit hospitals that treat personality disorders, find out how they’ve been successful and bring this back to the Perth Clinic to help us improve.”

Ms Rich is very passionate about working at the Perth Clinic, when selecting her graduate program she knew exactly where she wanted to work.

“About a year before I was ready to apply for grad programmes, I started researching the hospitals around Perth that specialise in mental health. When I looked at the Perth Clinic they offered a lot of the therapy as well, and because I wanted to do both nursing and the therapy side it was the perfect place.

“It was the only place I applied, and I can’t imagine working anywhere else,” Ms Rich said.
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