Outcomes data is transforming health care globally


Values-based health care and outcomes measurement are the buzz words of health care at the moment for good reason, according to international expert Jacob Lippa.

The Boston-based International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM), Director of Implementation says outcomes measurement is critical to the future of health care.

“It’s the engine that drives the agenda, and we’re seeing some fascinating results from hospitals and health systems around the world that have adopted outcomes measurement as a first step toward delivering better value for patients.

“I want people to see that this change is real and it is happening, but I also want them to see the opportunity that this change represents for hospitals who embrace it and get out in front of it,” said Mr Lippa.

He will take the stage at the APHA 36th National Congress this March to discuss the topic, with a view to exciting his Australian audience about good data and what it can offer their hospitals.

ICHOM has been leading much of this work around the world, fulfilling their aim to transform health care systems by measuring and reporting patient outcomes in a standardised way.

“I really think that value-based health care is the answer, and I think ICHOM is playing a critical role in enabling the value-based health care transformation globally.

“The business of health care is changing. Hospitals and health care providers are increasingly being held to account for the results of the care they deliver, and those results are increasingly being made transparent to both the funders and the consumers,” said Mr Lippa.

He believes value-based health care must be driven by providers, especially hospitals.

“We work with stakeholders from across the health sector and believe that everyone has a role to play. But we founded ICHOM with the idea value-based health care should be driven by providers,” he said.

Mr Lippa has worked with ICHOM since 2004, bringing a background in health care consulting, quality improvement and data analysis to his role.

“There are so many complex and challenging topics in healthcare, that there’s never a dull moment. And at ICHOM, I have the opportunity to work at the leading edge, with some truly visionary physicians and innovative organisations striving to overcome those challenges in sustainable and patient-centred way. So it’s very rewarding on multiple levels.”

His appearance at Congress will offer not only an opportunity to escape the Boston winter, but also a chance to meet with Australian-based partners like Ramsay Health Care and make final arrangements for the ICHOM Australasian Forum to be held in May 2017.

Link to Australasian forum: https://www.conveneit.com/secure/ichom/forum_may_17/


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